Ergonomic Advice


It is often a difficult balancing act to ensure productivity is maintained, whilst matching the workplace to the capabilities of the workforce.  It is not possible to prevent all discomfort due to work.  However, being able to demonstrate that good ergonomic principles have been applied as far as reasonably practicable, will aid you in dealing with the problem of employee incapability and litigation.


Ergonomics aims to optimise human performance and maximise comfort.   Sound ergonomics principles can help to:

    •    Improve efficiency

    •    Prevent accidents and ill health and

    •    Achieve a more satisfied & productive workforce.

Occupational Health & Training Services can help by carrying out assessments of the workplace and employees who are having discomfort or problems at work.   We can advise you whether the workplace follows good ergonomic principles and help you to identify if here is anything that you or the employee can reasonably do to improve the situation.

We can also provide improvement programmes that help to reduce incidences of musculoskeletal problems including back pain and upper limb disorders.

Whether you are a small company with one employee who requires support or a large factory that needs a cohesive action plan for a large number of people, contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


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