Sickness Absence Management

Sickness absence management has a major impact on the success of a business. It is therefore essential to be pro-active in the management of absence.  From frequent, short, unconnected spells of absence to long-term health issues we can interpret medical information & help you to develop a structured approach for managing absence.


We have a good understanding of business needs & relevant legislation.  We work hard to provide meaningful independent reports & action plans, liaising with other health professionals where necessary, in order to facilitate a resolution. 


We can help you to arrange counselling or physiotherapy treatment to speed recovery.


We can also carry out assessments of the workplace in order to make reasonable recommendations for a return to work.


Working with our Specialists does not just help reduce absence levels & their associated costs, but increases employee morale, allows you to resolve any underlying workplace risks & assists you in being proactive toward employee health & work.



Our services include:

    •    Assistance in developing or reviewing sickness absence policy

    •    Management referral assessments that give you and the employee clear information and choices.  These can be by telephone or include physician examination if required

    •    Workplace assessments that give decisive advice on reasonable adjustments

    •    Rehabilitation programmes to support return to work

    •    Early intervention treatment including physiotherapy & counselling

    •    Follow up advice


Benefits of our service:

    •    Cost savings by reduction in short and long-term absences

    •    Improved staff morale

    •    Legal compliance

    •    Increased productivity & profitability


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