Statutory Medicals

Some health assessments are required in order to comply with legislation.  Following the legislative requirements will help you to avoid your employees becoming seriously ill due to occupational asthma, Hand-arm vibration syndrome, Noise induced hearing loss etc.  This is turn can reduce sickness absence, lost production time and compensation payments.  Occupational Health & Training Services can help you by:

    •    Giving you advice about your Occupational Health needs

    •    Advising on, developing or reviewing policies and procedures

    •    Providing Occupational Health Medical assessments

    •    Training your employees how to successfully carry out some health screening with their own in-house technicians.

    •    Medical Questionnaires and clinical examination


Our health surveillance programmes typically include:

    •    A test with modern equipment & software to allow assessment of results and trends

    •    Training on correct use of PPE & advice to employees

    •    Advice regarding PPE issues or employees with medical conditions, hearing aids etc

    •    Simple to read data to the employer regarding results & recommended action

    •    Recommended review dates

    •    Referral to other health professionals if required

Some of the Medical Assessment undertaken by Occupational Health & Training Services are described on this website.  However, we can tailor a package of assessments to suit your individual requirements.

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